Something About the Water

This bulletin was posted by my mailbox this evening, letting me know something or other concerning the water. The water, it seems, will of on Friday, during the midday hours. Using my keen sense of contextual discernment, I'm going to go ahead and deduce that there is a word or two missing from this phrase—perhaps what the person who obviously scrawled it out with excessive haste meant to say was that the water will of COURSE BE on Friday. 

What's throwing me off though is why I should need to be told so specifically that the water will be on from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday. It's almost as if whoever wrote this is trying to cover something up that's connected with the water being on during those hours. I mean, it would never have crossed my mind to question whether the water would be on from 11 to 1 on Friday if they hadn't gone and brought it up. What are they trying to hide??? 

Ah! A clue, perhaps: this last word, "comprencion"—what does it mean????? Whatever it is, they're thanking me for it. Is this a secret code?!?! Maybe "the water" is a hit job, and IT'S GOING DOWN BETWEEN 11 AND 1 TOMORROW, and "comprencion" is me minding my own damn business about it OR ELSE!!! My god, WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY COMPLEX?!?!?