I Got a New Chair

That's right, bitches, I'm moving up in the world. Thanks to our weekly Zoom company trivia games we have at AVN that come with REAL AMAZON CASH MONEY prizes, I've racked up a nice chunk of gift card moolah, and decided the other day I would invest some of it in this here sweet, sweet sittin' chair.

I've had my previous chair for years and years, and it was time to face the fact that it just no longer is in a state of chair serviceability. It is beyond chair repair. So this is a big upgrade for me.

This chair is from a company called Starspace, and that's appropriate because let me tell you, it's kind of like the Millennium Falcon of chairs. As in, I feel a lot like Han Solo sitting in it. That's about where the similarity ends, but it's more than enough.

Man, I feel like a whole new Scrog with this chair. This is amazing. I will never get tired of sitting upon its royal leathery softness. NEVER!! I am the king of chair!!! Envy my luxuriousness!!! THIS IS LIVING, GODDAMIT!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna go grab some froyo now.