Big News: Scroghub Is Now SCROGMA

Yeah, so I kind of let this personal platform o' mine fall by the wayside for a couple months, as I knew I was bound to do eventually. Because I have chronic lack of follow-though, and that's how I roll.

But I have recently been itching just a tad to post SOMETHING, and then I got to thinking how I really kind of wanted a different name for the site, and if I was gonna have a different name, I might as well re-do it entirely. So basically, boom, it got redid, homies. I give you Scrogma.

I've been toiling on this for a ridiculous amount of hours, for what reason I'm not too sure, but hopefully it's snazzier now. And as part of the whole overhaul, I imported all of my old posts from the original Scrog Blog. There were some fun ones, if you have any desire to poke around (see "Classic Scrog Blog Vault" in the lower righthand corner.)

ALSO, the site is way more cell phone friendly now. Which I know is important, since nobody looks at websites on a desktop anymore like me. 

Ok, enjoy Scrogma. I'll post more soon. Probably. 

P.S. I did eventually find the box for that porn DVD.