'The Roommate': A Shitty Movie With Hot Chicks

Sometimes you just have to watch a movie because it's got hot chicks in it. Often times, it will turn out to be a really shitty movie, but once again ... hot chicks. The other night I indulged in such a guilty pleasure with The Roommate, something I came across on Netflix that stars Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. Also Nina Dobrev pops up in there somewhere. And at one point, Leighton Meester makes out with another chick in a bathroom. Need I say more?

The movie is about Minka being a college freshman, and Leighton is her roommate, who turns out to be psycho and lesbian obsessed with her. It's basically Fatal Attraction with hot coeds (played by girls definitely too old to be playing college freshmen). And it's really bad. I mean, fucking terrible. But there's hardly a single frame without at least one spectacularly hot chick in it, so what are you gonna do? Watch it, that's what.

God, even the trailer is awful: