Nonbinary NOT a Gender Option on US Census

If you've filled out your census form, you probably noticed that unlike the California DMV, the U.S. Census Bureau is taking no part in recognizing nonbinary as a gender. You may choose either male or female as your sex, and that's that.

So I'm not sure what to tell you if you're somewhere on the sex spectrum between or perhaps on either side of those two gendernormatives (not sure if that's a term, but I'm going with it)—other than you're going to have to pick one of them, because it's the law. Pretty unwoke of the government if you ask me.

I suppose you could just not participate and not be counted as a person, but clearly they don't see you as one anyway, which now that I think about it makes it kind of a paradox that they say you're required by law to fill it out, because how can laws be applicable to someone who is not a person?

You know what, fuck it ... what does the census matter with this whole apocalypse going on, anyway? It's all going to mean nothing! So do what I'm about to and crack open a beer while you watch this SNL census skit with Betty White: