Woody Gets Castrated

Well, maybe that's an extreme way to put it, but just four days after announcing it was going to publish Woody Allen's memoir, Apropos of Nothing, Hachette Book Group turned around Friday and declared it had changed its mind ... that is, following a big, haughty walkout the day prior by a bunch of its employees who were super morally revolted over the whole proposition.

Don't worry, I get it—everyone and especially their mother believes Woody molested his own adopted daughter, and it just so happens that Hachette is the same publishing company that released the book Catch and Kill by none other than slayer-of-male-predators Ronan Farrow (about his slaying of Harvey Weinstein), who of course is Woody's son with Mia Farrow and the brother-by-adoption of Dylan Farrow, the alleged molestee, whose claims he's loudly and staunchly supported for years.

In other words, this was at the very least a questionable business move on Hachette's part (though I would gently encourage anyone utterly convinced it was, well, a morally revolting one to give this a read—and yes, I'm shocked, befuddled and a little revolted myself by this bizarro turn of finding myself actually recommending a post on a conservative website).

That said, it just seems to me like there are bigger issues in the world for people to be staging dramatic walk-outs about. And I have to mostly agree with the things Stephen King said about this on Twitter, as follows:

Really though, I don't care all that much. Woody will find another publisher and I will probably never read it anyway, because I don't read books anymore. It's sad. Anyway, here's the greatest scene from the greatest movie ever made: