I Watched Netflix's 'Pandemic' and WTF

In the midst of all the eeriness going on all around us right now, perhaps nothing ranks as more bone-rattlingly eerie than the fact that Netflix released a documentary series called Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak AT THE END OF JANUARY, right when the novel coronavirus was beginning to make its way out of China.

Knowing that it literally just came out absolutely makes your skin crawl as such tidbits get mentioned over its six episodes as:

• Just about all new influenza-type virus strains with pandemic-causing potential originate in China.

• They also virtually always start in animals and jump to humans.

• Scientists have been screaming for years that this was coming and we needed to be prepared for it.

• At the same time, the government has been systematically stripping away the resources necessary for us to be prepared for it.

• The worldwide devastation caused by the 1918 flu pandemic would be exponentially worse if the same thing happened in the modern world (oops ... too late, I guess).

All you can think the whole time is, How the fuck did they time this to come out RIGHT NOW? It's unspeakably disquieting.

That said, it features an uncanny number of hot doctors and scientists, and I would definitely recommend watching it.