I Got a New Showerhead

Awhile ago, the showerhead that came with my apartment got some kind of crack in it and started spewing water all over the place when I showered. It so happens that I brought a cool showerhead with me from my old place when I moved in, but I never installed it because the one here was perfectly fine and also I'm lazy.

I kept thinking I needed to put in my old showerhead to stop this spewing water problem, but once again, I'm lazy. Then when my parents were just here visiting for my birthday, they noticed the spewing water problem and asked if I wanted a new showerhead for my birthday. I told them I had a cool showerhead sitting here that just needed to be installed, and so my dad installed it for me. That was nice of him.

Unfortunately, when I actually took a shower after they left, I found that my cool showerhead was not functioning so great, and delivering a decidedly unsatisfactory shower. (It's one of those rainfall type ones, but only about a third of the little spigots were emitting water.)

So now I realized I was in fact going to have to go out and buy a new showerhead. I did get some birthday cash, so this seemed like something worthwhile to use it on. I also had a Lowe's gift card with some money on it, so there really was no question here. I went to Lowe's, and lo and behold one of the best looking showerheads they had was on sale!

Today I overcame my innate laziness and installed the showerhead, and here's the lowdown: while the function that really sold me on it—dubbed "waterfall setting"—turned out to be nothing remotely resembling a waterfall, there's another one ("multi oxygenics") that is a DELIGHT. It's like being in your own personal carwash.

The moral of this story is, I love my new showerhead. Now I'm going to eat something I guess. Later.