I Can't Find My Damn Jeans

My mom bought me two pairs of really nice Lucky Brand jeans for Hanukkah, and one of them has gone missing. I've looked high and low, and they're just nowhere to be seen. I'm really in a funk about this because they were both nice and comfortable, and also my mom is coming to visit in a few days for my birthday, and it's going to be hovering in my brain, filling me with guilt over how I could have misplaced these really nice, comfortable jeans.

I have a slight suspicion that there's a possibility I could have left them in a drawer in the Hard Rock Hotel where I threw a few pieces of dirty clothing during AVN. That would be a damn shame. But I also feel like there's no way I could have done that. But maybe I did. I don't know.

All that's certain is I can't find them anywhere. I really liked those jeans. Goodnight.