Goodbye Other Girls, Hellooooooo Neekolul

Sweet Jesus. This girl came up on my Twitter feed the other day somehow someway, and nothing else has mattered since. I of course immediately dug into her profile and came to find out that she apparently is an overnight TikTok sensation due to a 15-second clip she posted lip syncing this "oki doki boomer" song. She also is a giant Bernie Sanders fan, as evidenced by the Bernie shirt she's wearing in said vid and many other places.

Now I couldn't tell you what the hell "Neekolul" means ("ungodly sex specimen" perhaps?) but I did learn that before becoming TikTok famous, she was (and still is) a Twitch streamer. So basically, Neekolul may just be the girl who locks in my Bernie vote and finally gets me onto both Twitch and TikTok all in one fell swoop.

Because really, look at her. Crimony.

So sorry, Lil Dej, I do love you, but I'm gonna need you to scooch aside, because the Throne of Hotness has a new queen. Even Pornhub agrees

Find Neekolul on Twitter, TitTok, Twitch, IG and I guess anywhere else there might be to look @Neekolul.

Oh, and here's that TikTok video that broke the TikTokisphere: