Waterdogging: Worse Than Baby Juggling

If there's one thing I learned from the horrific scandal that rocked Porn Valley last week concerning former up-and-coming porn dude Rod Jackson, it's that you do not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER, pour water onto an old, deaf and blind doggie.

This, I am now aware, is an atrocity the likes of which the porn community will not abide.
And I get it—the Great Waterdogging Disgrace of 2020, as I have dubbed it, was cruel, unusual and inexcusable. (Not sure how exactly one bathes such a handicapped animal without it being deemed abusive, but never mind that.) What was framed as a harmless goof for Twitter yucks was anything but ... it was scarring. Sinister. Not to mention wet.

The wrath incurred by Mr. Jackson in response to his ill-conceived waterdogging video was swift and merciless. He was castigated, no-listed, dropped by his agent, and for all intents and purposes run out of porn on a rail.

Now let me be clear: it is in no way my aim here to defend this dastardly deed. That shit was stupid. Just making some detached observations from the sidelines. And man ... I honestly don't think that guy would have been judged more harshly if he had put up of video of himself juggling a baby.

As a matter of fact, in case there's any doubt, I give you the following video ... well, not exactly of baby juggling as advertised, but pretty damn close and definitely dangerous looking (though oddly delightful if you ask me):