'Back From the Dead': Not About Zombies

I just learned that there's a new TV pilot that's been shot called Back From the Dead. "Oh cool," I thought, "another zombie show." Anybody who knows me knows how I love zombies.

But then I found out that this show is not about zombies. No, this show is about people who think they died and then came back to life. So I guess technically they're sort of zombies, except they're still them.

The show was created by this guy James Ganiere, and he made himself the host. What he didn't do, though, was make it about zombies. He's bringing it to the networks this fall for consideration. If he really wants it to get picked up, my suggestion would be—and this is just my two cents here—to make it more about zombies and less about not zombies.

And now, I will be going back TO the dead, i.e. to sleep. Night night, don't let the zombies bite.