The Scrog Blog Semi-Whenever-al Overhaul

Since it's a four-day weekend for yours truly, as granted to myself by myself, and I didn't have much else captivating my attention, I got on a little jag of playing around with the old blog, which I surely would have paid not a fleeting mind to otherwise. I was toying with the idea of transferring the whole thing over to WordPress, since everybody is SOOOOO in love with WordPress, and since Blogger has taken some kind of an anti-porn stance of which I'm none too fond. But that proposition seemed just entirely too taxing, and the options WordPress offers for free are paltry and boring. So I stayed put right here, where this thing can remain looking sweet as shit, like I like it. I did have to drop a couple of links, but I added some others, so there. It's pretty bitchin'. Now then, look for another new post sometime between today and 2037. I leave you with a super-hot picture of Natalie Portman. Tally-ho.