Playboy Model Now Marketing Real Estate

I wish there was a more clever headline to go with this, but I'm all out of cleverness at the moment. All I know is the girl in the picture, Neferteri Shepherd, is pretty foxy, and now she is applying the skills at foxiness she honed as Playboy's July 2000 Playmate of the Month to heading up the marketing department for Advantage Real Estate, Inc.

Why am I writing about this? What is Advantage Real Estate, Inc.? How does modeling for Playboy qualify her to do marketing for them? The answers to all of these questions may elude us until the end of time, or at least until the next paragraph.

David Rosenfeld, the president of Advantage Real Estate, had this to say about Neferteri: "I am pleased to have Neferteri join our firm and lead our team in its marketing and advertising efforts. She brings expertise, experience and a solid background in media and marketing."

A background in media! That she does, I suppose. I also suppose this Rosenfeld fellow is a Jew. Call it a hunch. But one thing's for sure: according to the press release I got about this, she will report directly to him. Just like a Jew to flaunt his new pr girl's one-time appearance in Playboy. Hell, like I wouldn't.

Well, hope this thing works out for everyone involved. And that I can track down the July 2000 Playboy.

(P.S. I am a Jew. In case there was any question.)