Some Inside Movie Shit: Paris the French Robot

Being who I am, I sometimes get inside info on some real-deal Hollywood movings and shakings and whatnot. This isn't really that, but I think it's hilarious so I'm writing about it anyway.

My friend Carlos of Scribe Services PR represents this French actress by the name of Paris Benjamin (that's her--->) who just shot a movie called Folklore in which, according to Carlos' press release, "She plays Annabelle, an android" joined by "a water nymph, a vampire, extra terrestrials and other assorted beings who are asked to talk about their lives by a government agency in a far-off future."

First off, this girl is from France and her name is Paris. Coincidence, or weird attempt to ride on the esteemed coattails of Paris Hilton? Hard to say, but that's neither here nor there. Let me share what Paris has to say about playing Annabelle the android (oh yeah, Folklore is a comedy):

"I never played an android and working on a comedy is always fun. I liked the idea of a science-fiction comedy, but I also liked being a really strange character that has to explain herself even though she's really a robot. There's something really funny about that but also something very meaningful."

Ohhhhhhhh, where to begin?! Paris (if that's your real name) ... I'm sorry you got cast in something that sounds like a fake bad movie pitch someone might give on The Simpsons, but you really don't have to attempt to pass it off as containing any meaning, I promise. Because it doesn't.

That said, you are kinda hot, so I will most likely see the movie anyway. I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. Good night, and good luck. Love, Scrog.