What Scrog Is Thinking

"Good god, it's 11:06 and I've done nary a thing. There's porn chicks upstairs getting naked and I don't know why. I wonder what Sherri's Italian wedding soup will be like ... does it have pork in it? If so, I'll eat around it. Free lunch I have to eat around the pork for is better than lunch I'm paying for. Man, am I Jewish. Is Paul right that he and I are the only Jews left here? Who else might be Jewish? Not that black dude, that's for sure. Today, will I possibly leave prior to 7:00 pm? Not if I keep going like this, I won't. Is anything about this funny? Doubtful. Rubber burning does work better than ... wait, I mean burning rubber works better than rubber burning ... right? I'm fucking confused. I've had two coffees, do I dare drink a soda now? What's it gonna hurt? Thank god they finally replenished the Splenda supply over here. Now all we need is bathroom towels and we'll have something resembling a fully-functional office. De-duping. Maybe we could get some de-doping going on in this place. Ha! That one just popped out. NIIICE. OK, seriously ... reviews need posting. Please, neither of those porn dudes who may or may not be calling me call me and bother me. I got shit to do. Do I have a retard picture of myself that can go with this?"