A Chat With Acme Andersson About Leonard Cohen, Dolly Parton and Passover

Scrog: i gotta go out and get some candy today
Acme: Oh yeah, who doesn't need candy?!
S: nobody of quality, that's for sure
A: Oh man, I forgot to tell you! I went to perhaps the greatest gathering of Jews over this entire holiday weekend! Leonard Cohen
S: spock?
A: That's Leonard Nimoy, and he was an alien of some sort, unaffiliated with the Hebrew types so far as I know.
S: oh, right
A: A Jew who doesn't even know who Leonard Cohen is. Terrible.
S: i am jew-ish
A: Young Dolly Parton did not have much of a rack.
S: c'mon
A: I've got her biography on. She wasn't flat, but she was not fully-blessed, as they say.
S: unpossible. speaking of being jewish, i had some fellow jew yesterday tell me i had passover all wrong.
A: Passover is all wrong, isn't it? What did you have wrong? Celebrating it?
S: i'm not sure. the only major point i could discern in his version was that i said it was 40 days in the desert, when it was actually 40 years

A: Either is too long for me. According to Wikipedia, Dolly had 40DD titties!
S: bless her heart. my blood-dr. pepper level is running a little low.
A: Open another 18-pack—stat!
S: but i haven't one!
A: Dude... What happened? You changed.
S: no, i just ran out.
A: Dolly says that when she took the role in 9 to 5 she had never seen a movie made and when they sent her the script she memorized the entire thing! That wacky Dolly.
S: i don't believe it
A: Hill folk are always memorizing entire screenplays. It's true! Dolly never lies.
S: ok. to the grocery for candy & soda.
A: Good luck.