What Scrog Is Thinking

"Do lemon drops go bad? That box of DVDs probably shouldn't be on top of that ... what do you call one side of a cubicle? 'Tap That Tail Hole' — that's not a great title. Why hasn't Joanna answered my question yet about whether it's bbq chicken she's cooking? Where the fuck can I get some good bbq chicken for dinner? Oh, that kosher bbq place was pretty good. Wonder if H would be up for it. Gotta remember to bring two canned goods when I pick her up so we can get the $1 Ben & Jerry's. Wait, wait, it's all you can eat wing night at Hooters! Fuck yes. I am so ... godDAMMIT when am I gonna get this tax shit together? ... I can't sit here anymore. I'm leaving!!!! Right after I send this to Jenn Ramsey."