Land Shark Attack Bulletin ... ?

Land Shark is a person in my life who plagues my very existence with relentless comments and actions that take great, big, gaping bites out of my soul. My log of LS's latest strike:

OK, so I really have no grounds at all to think Land Shark had anything to do with this, but it seems enough like a Land Shark-y thing to at least be behind for me to feel warranted in casting my suspicion that way. I go out to my car one morning to leave for work, right, and I bring with me a bag of garbage to toss out before I get on my way. Well upon walking back from the dumpster toward my car, I see the gigantic dent pictured below above my right rear wheel. And directly in the center of the dent (as you will see in the second picture) is a big, solitary footprint. So somebody, it seems, kicked this dent in my car. Does Land Shark know where I live? Could be. Might LS or an LS crony have loosed this angry booting unto my vehicle in the AVN parking lot while no one was looking, to only first be discovered by me much later? Also could be. Either way, if anyone recognizes the footprint ... uh, then you've got bigger issues than me with this dent, I imagine.