Get a Massage From This Chick, Help the Soldiers

Heidi (that chick in the picture, a.k.a. my apartment mate) is studying to become a massage therapist. Tomorrow, she will be giving free massages to any interested parties at a fundraising event for soldiers in North Hollywood. Specifically, at a place called Karate 4 Kids. (That's cute how they use the numeral "4" instead of the word "for." Wonder if they have a sister establishment called "Karate 4 Adults"?) In keeping with the locale, there will be a bounce house set up for kids to bounce around in. And you know what they'll probably be needing after all that bouncing? Oh, you got it: a massage from Heidi.

The whole shebang happens from 12:30 to 5 p.m., and the address is: 5215 Bakman Ave., North Hollywood, 91601. For more info, go over here.

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