Under Spank Bank Consideration: Kate Voegele

I don't know much about this chick aside from having seen her picture continuously pop up on MySpace, and, after continuously wondering to myself, "Who is this seemingly hot chick?" finally clicking on one of said pictures and finding out that she has an album on the way from MySpace Records and was/perhaps still is on the show "One Tree Hill." As those who know me know, I have a bad, bad thing for brunettes who play guitar (see: Michelle Branch, who it seems worked with one of Ms. Voegele's songwriting collaborators, eerily enough).

Now I've looked through a number of this Voegele girl's pictures and videos, and can't quite decide whether she's spank-worthy. In some, she totally seems so, and in others, she appears a little Mayim Bialik-ish. So I just don't know. The Spank Bank is a place of unrivaled exclusivity, after all. I'm gonna need more time on this.