The Awesomest Candy Ever

Yes, I have discovered it, and in the most unlikely of places: Circuit City. I went to Circuit City, which I despise but will visit as a last resort, in search of a dirt-cheap microwave. And near the microwaves was a candy aisle, where what to my delighted eyes sat staring up at me but something called Chewy Atomic FireBalls, from Ferrara Pan. (Hmm, just hit me — is this where Manuel Ferrara got his name?)

Those of my generation (and perhaps later, don't really know) ought to recall the Atomic FireBall, a jawbreaker-type candy so explosively hot, it verged on dangerous to go through one in a single sucking. Well, the Chewy Atomic FireBall is every bit as hot, but only takes a few seconds to consume. Like Red Hots but softer, hotter and awesomer. I highly recommend them.

If you'd like to try Chewy Atomic FireBalls, but don't feel like patronizing Circuit City (which you really shouldn't if at all possible), you can order some directly from the Ferrara Pan website. Oh, and they're making Chewy Lemon Heads now, too, if you're into that sort of thing.