These Chips Are Kinda Bullshit

I tried out these Lay's Hot Sauce chips the other day because they had a picture of Frank's Red Hot on the bag, and Frank's Red Hot is awesome, so this seemed like a pretty stellar chip concept. I don't know if it's one of those yearly Lay's novelty flavors or an actual new flavor, but I was pretty jazzed about it.

Well, I was underwhelmed. I love hot sauce, and I love chips, but this combo was not working for me. It came off a little like spicy ketchup chips, and there is just nothing good about that notion whatsoever. I've had worse chips, but these were just lackluster. If you want hot chips, pass on these and go for the Flamin' Hot or the Chile Limón ones. Much more satisfying.

Goddamit I'm hungry, I'm getting dinner now, bye.