'The Mentalist' Sez: Ace Gibson Was Ace

I'm not really sure what this has to do with what, but I was given this interesting press release about how this dude Ace Gibson WAS on that show The Mentalist LAST Sunday, which is amusing because the show is called The Mentalist, which would suggest it's about stuff that is going to happen in the future, and not stuff that already happened.

Regardless, Ace Gibson definitely has the coolest name of anybody ever, except maybe Guy Pierce. In the episode of The Mentalist on which Ace Gibson appeared, he played a dude who went on a radio show with his girlfriend to talk about their relationship issues. That's not exactly a character befitting a dude with a name as awesome as Ace Gibson, but that's why he's an actor, and obviously one with range, because that character sounds like kind of a pussy, and nobody named Ace Gibson could possibly be a pussy, bro.

Then again, according to this press release, Ace Gibson originally planned to be a dancer, and did a bunch of dancing in New York. Goddamit, now I have to re-think my entire assessment of Ace Gibson. But wait! Further down in the press release, it says that since 2011, Ace Gibson has been training in Wing Chun kung fu! All right, all right, he's not a pussy. Most likely.

You can decide for yourself, I suppose, by looking over his website, www.acegibson.com. And maybe you can see his Mentalist appearance through the clairvoyance of Hulu or something. Good luck with that. (He's the black dude in the picture.)