Star Wars/Woody Day

Today marks a red letter occurrence in the movie dweeb-o-sphere that I don't think has ever transpired before: The simultaneous debuts of a new Star Wars film and a new Woody Allen film.

For certain, the two have only happened within the same year only six times, the very first of which established that year, 1977, as the one I will probably always regard as film's greatest. Star Wars and Annie Hall were the two movies in question, and I've always said that had I been old enough at the time to ... well, see movies at all, let alone appreciate them, my head may very well have just exploded and now I'd be walking around with little to no head.

Annie Hall, for a little extra movie trivia, went on to win Best Picture that year, angering many teenage boys and grown men with the developmental inner beings of teenage boys, but truly the proper choice, I believe, if I absolutely had to be nailed down to one.

So the releases today of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Vicky Cristina Barcelona don't quite present the same dilemma as above, nor bode the same significance. In fact, Clone Wars seems almost like something I have to go watch purely out of fanboy obligation, rather than actual anticipation. But watch it I will, sometime this weekend. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is what I will go see tonight, and that one, I'm genuinely excited about. Doesn't hurt that Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz star in it.

By the way, there's an interview with Woody Allen in the new LA Weekly, if that intrigues you at all.